Research designed by Summation has been the foundation of dozens of important business insights including....

...customer satisfaction at over 300 individual store locations via ongoing online measurement and reporting.

...detailed diagnostics explaining why patients were dissatisfied with an exam process and how non-medical issues impacted overall perceptions.

...highly predictive data gathered both in-store and online regarding customer interest and acceptance of future styles in advance of full production runs

...detailed profiles of regular and occasional customers as well as purchasers and nonpurchasers, including demographics, brand image, competitive perceptions/preferences, and the relative appeal of new product/service offerings.

...employee perceptions and attitudes about their work environment before and after the implementation of significant operational changes.

...the credibility of an everyday discount pricing policy and the perceived percentage savings associated with it.

...demographic and primary/secondary/tertiary trading area profiles in key locations.

...shifts in overall satisfaction, attitudes and shopping behavior during and after a specific high-volume shopping period.

...pinpointing specific store associate activities that related to higher traffic conversion and customer satisfaction.

...identification of new product opportunities through in-depth qualitative study supported by a unique, web-based journal.

...the value of a new store design by measuring attitudes and purchasing behavior on a test/control basis.