As an alternative to conventional paper surveys, SRG utilizes the Boxx, a completely portable, programmable device that presents questions on an LCD screen. Respondents answer simply by pushing the appropriate button.

Summation has deployed the Boxx with great success throughout the country, both on a self-recruited and interviewer assisted basis. Its elegant simplicity and user-friendliness has conistently yielded reliable research data and is quite powerful in terms of the range of information it can gather. Moreover, field services have enthusiastically endorsed the Boxx because of its ease of use, the enriched interviewing experience it creates, and the control and consistency it provides with every respondent.


At the conclusion of a study, each Boxx can be downloaded via modem directly from the field (or shipped overnight to us) so that initial results are available within days of the final interview. Moreover, because we circumvent the normal data entry process, clients receive final tabulations faster and less expensively than virtually any other methodology.


Summation provides interviewer-assisted Boxx interviewing when a greater degree of on-site sample management and control is needed. This allows us to operate in very high traffic store environments without sacrificing the simplicity and speed provided by the Boxx.